Pierre Fabre uses ADAX Life Sciences to consolidate international subsidiaries around an innovative and robust ERP system

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M€ turnover
international branches across 5 continents

Pierre Fabre Laboratories were created by pharmacist Pierre Fabre in Castres, France in the early 1960s

Business Activities



Pierre Fabre is organised in 2 departments : pharmaceutical (40% turnover) & cosmetic products (58% turnover). 

The challenges of this sector:

  • Respond to traceability challenges and strict quality standards in production
  • Enhance productivity
  • International growth and development


« Choosing ADAX (Advanced Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations) was evident for several reasons: Its ability to adapt to evolutions in the group, the specific adaptations tailored to pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics business activities, and the focus on demands of distribution. »

Stéphane Rocca Serra,
Program Director - Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

The 7 strong points of ADAX ERP integrated by TVH Consulting

  • 1. Compatible system tailored to pharmaceutical challenges
  • 2. Secures order-to-cash processes across subsidiaries
  • 3. Simplifies the production of reports
  • 4. Standardizes organization of purchases by warehouse, product type, and more
  • 5. Configurable pricing engine: cascading discounts, priority rules, free products, etc.
  • 6. Up & cross selling functions to register and block orders
  • 7. Defines Carrier contracts (based on calendars, pricing matrix, and more), transport routes, customer transport legs (hubs, dispatch distribution centers), and freight reconciliation

The immediate benefits of ADAX


"We designed a Core Model under a single infrastructure thanks to the versatility of Microsoft Dynamics AX and ADAX that was leveraged by the TVH Consulting expertise and a perfect collaboration amongst project teams. A mere 11 months later, we deployed in Lisbon, Portugal. TVH Consulting and Pierre Fabre deployed ADAX and the Core Model in Portugal, Canada, Italy, Scandanavia, the Middle East, and Chili with excellent frameworks. By 2019, all subsidiaries will be equipped with ADAX."

Sophie Lardeau,
International ERP Application Manager