Florette uses ADAX CPG and Food to harmonise their international business processes

Florette - uk

M€ turnover
bags produced per day
  • Florette, a subsidiary of the Agrial Group, has 11 production sites, produces 77,000 tons of finished products and sells 1,000,000 units every day.
  • It's customers are mostly large food supermarkets and the non-domestic catering sector.

Business Activities

Manufacturing and selling fresh, ready-to-use vegetables and green salads to large food supermarkets and non-domestic caterers throughout Europe.

Just in time: the 4 challenges of this sector 

  • Just in time upstream (European supply)
  • Just in time manufacturing
  • Just in time distribution
  • Just in time marketing (expiration date 5 to 7 days)


"Each business unit was functioning in a different way, using incompatible systems, and it was necessary to create common processes, based on best practices, in sales, manufacturing, purchasing and finance.The approach adopted with our strategic partner TVH Consulting was the creation of a unique European core model, developed in functional workshops hosted with the key users from our main subsidiaries."

Hervé Petit,
Former Chief Information Officer, Agrial

The 7 strong points of ADAX ERP applied to the food-processing sector

  • 1. Management of sales terms applied to each transaction, advanced pricing and discounting, management of special offers, rebates and accruals, etc.
  • 2. Traceability and quality control at all stages, with the materials being monitored until they reach the final customer
  • 3. Blocking of quotations/orders that do not correspond to your best practices (e.g.: credit limit exceeded, insufficient margin, discount too high, exceptional order, etc.)
  • 4. Definition of replenishment rules applicable to each item, to avoid stockouts of items in the supply chain
  • 5. Marketing management, targeted marketing campaigns, private labels, etc.
  • 6. Customer schedules, raw material purchasing and optimisation of carrier management
  • 7. Production management with finite and infinite scheduling capabilities

The immediate benefits of ADAX


"Currently, there are more than 500 users in Europe simultaneously using ADAX CPG & Food. TVH’s approach consisted of setting up a gradual skills transfer towards Florette’s IT teams, to allow our internal teams to roll out the solution to other sites in the group. The Floris (Florette Information System) project, after the go-live phase, now gives Florette total control of its solution."

Hervé Petit,
Former CIO, Agrial's vegetables department