Fleury Michon uses ADAX CPG and Food to centralize the information systems around an ERP foundation

Fleury Michon - uk

Established in Vendée, France
M€ of turnover
  • Fleury Michon is one of the principal suppliers to large retailers and supermarkets (85% under its own brand and 15% private label). Out of 11 production sites, 4 are located abroad. A logistics platform centralizes the processing of orders for all activities in France.
  • Fleury Michon’s development is built around three axes: superstores and hypermarkets in France (87% of turnover), international retailers (7%), and non-domestic caterers (6%). The Fleury Michon brand holds a capital weight in the group; the brand itself represents 74% of the group’s turnover.

Business Activities

A leader in the production and distribution of deli meats (charcuterie) and packaged meals The challenges of this sector : 

The challenges of this sector:

    • Traceability and food safety
    • Constant innovation
    • Increasing competitiveness and cost reduction
    • Developing new business
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"Our deployment was a success thanks to the ease of operability of ADAX, alongside its intuitive userability. Our previous solution, composed of several independent applications, was replaced with a high performance centralized ERP. This allows us to respond to business challenges like streamlining internal organizations with real time information."

Florence ROUY,
Projet Director for Business Divisions

The 9 strong points of ADAX ERP integrated by TVH Consulting

  • 1. Master data management improves reliability of item data and its use in the order taking process
  • 2. Simplified configuration through pre-configured business processes, management of complex sales conditions and management of special offers and promotions
  • 3. Responds to catch weight challenges
  • 4. Responds to regulatory compliance around traceability (genetically modified organisms, additives, labelling, claims, etc.)
  • 5. 360 client view at all stages of relationship between sales personnel and central purchasers (client segmentation, client hierarchy with an application date, cascading sales terms, rebates, etc.)
  • 6. Optimized transport of fresh products with a choice of transporter and routes
  • 7. A solution for international deployment
  • 8. A solution adapted to the development of new market segments
  • 9. A scalable solution that adheres enterprise rules and intentions to modernize production facilities like warehouse management systems


« ADAX was the most relevant offer that would homogenize the entirety of our IS, integrate data, restore flexibility, and move towards technology that could be mastered internally. First, we developed a Core Model with TVH Consulting, then we deployed Finance, Management Control, and Sales Management modules (95% of orders are EDI messages). »

Christophe ROUX,
Research Manager of the ERP Program & Project Director for the CIO

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"It was vital that the ERP solution be orientated towards international development. We wanted a standard solution capable of being deployed across our international subsidiaries by our internal Competence Centers accompanied by local and trusted partners."

Stéphane LOPEZ,
Chief Information Officer