Au Forum du Bâtiment uses ADAX Retail and Distribution to accompany their growth strategy

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Au Forum du Bâtiment is an independent Group founded in 1991, and specialises in the distribution of equipment for locksmiths, plumbing, electrical equipment and hardware.

Business Activities

Distributing building equipment and supplies to craftsmen, companies and professionals, with a multi-channel sales strategy (Internet, retail stores and call center).

The challenges of this sector:

  • To quickly establish a network of stores throughout France
  • To manage high volumes (number of referenced items, parcels, etc.)
  • To ensure optimal monitoring of price levels
  • To supply a high-quality service to professional customers
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"3 years ago, it became apparent that our existing IS was too limited to absorb our development and we decided to replace it. Since 2009, our choice has been the ADAX ERP Solution (Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations), which we implemented in all areas (purchasing, sales, inventory management, finance and soon CRM), with the exception of manufacturing. "

Philippe Bodin,
Information Systems Manager

The 8 strong points of ADAX ERP integrated by TVH Consulting

  • 1. Front office personalisation for counter sales
  • 2. A single solution to manage stores, distribution, finance and logistics
  • 3. Enables to very simply develop multi-channel sales
  • 4. Financial monitoring of accounts receivables (whatever the purchasing mode)
  • 5. A solution that enables and supports strong growth
  • 6. Enables the evolution and adaptability of internal processes to respond to the company’s challenges
  • 7. A reliable ERP solution for business development in France
  • 8. An ERP solution dedicated to retail and the development of sales
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"We have 4,000 account customers as well as 2,000 walk in customers. And that doesn’t include orders placed through more traditional methods such as fax or phone! Sales are heading increasingly towards multiple delivery channels. In regards to retail counter sales (our main distribution channel), TVH Consulting met our need for optimum efficiency, i.e. serving customers quickly while following corporate rules. The results were immediate. Our salespeople are selling even more! We are very satisfied with ADAX. It is a complete ERP solution with excellent integration and delivers results to our evolving industry challenges. With ADAX, we are able to forecast the future with certainty."


Philippe Bodin,
Information Systems Manager