4 business challenges
of specialized distribution

ADAX Retail & Distribution is a vertical ERP solution that combines all the elements of multichannel distribution in a unique software. It caters to BtoB and BtoC industries and their main players: distributors, retailers, manufacturers, distance sellers, pure players, wholesalers and specialized distributors. With digital challenges like the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things- what tools are enabling you to improve your operations while multiplying sales channels?

How do you differentiate and innovate your offers and brand?

Personalized, custom-made products or services enable you to respond to high customer expectations and volatile market trends. All whilst maximizing your sales price margins. Being able to tailor your products with smart pricing tools makes all the difference.

How can you practice efficient up-sell strategies to increase customers’ shopping carts?

cross-selling campaigns. Messages to different types of customers can be personalized via geolocalized mobile devices, targeted e-mailing campaigns or personalized online advertisements (retargeting). Your customers need to feel like offers and ads were made just for them. This is the foundation to effective campaigning and ultimately, a higher prospect to client conversion rate.

How do you reinforce customer loyalty?

Different retention tools like loyalty programs and gift cards are vital elements in your in-store marketing strategy. Reach out to customers to enhance their retail experience and time spent in-store. You are constantly seeking 360° visibility to understand your customers’ actions across all sales channels.

How are you nurturing international growth?

To accommodate your growth strategy, your IS structure needs to absorb and evolve with your retail ambitions. The tool you need is real-time visibility between headquarters and retail stores, empowering you to react faster and communicate with precision.

Key figures of your sector

Distribution - uk

% of buyers seek information on the web before buying in-store
% shoopers have purchased across multiple channels in the past 6 months
% of time spent on retail stores is via mobile