3 business challenges
Chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmétic & biotechnology industries

In a high-performance industry where time-to-market and quality are the rules, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies are faced with complex go-to-market processes, strict regulatory standards, and increasing traceability constraints (counterfeiting). These factors push the entire industry towards strategies around transformative tools that can accompany growth while respecting local norms.

Do you have a 360° view of your R&D and production costs?

Be on the forefront of innovation in your industry and lead creativity, all while respecting the budget. Digital transformation is on your side and can help you pilot the entire value chain from production to processing and finally to the distribution of your products.

How are you currently conducting pharmaceutical validations?

Preparing validations and procedures are an important step right from the beginning of your project. To ensure the success of your validations, choose the right partner who has certified experience in pharmaceutical audits and procedures.

What procedures do you implement to meet traceability requirements?

Counterfeiting is a serious threat for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Trace your products by batch number with automatic data capture tools that trace raw materials to finished products.

Key figures of your sector

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