3 business challenges
Distributors of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food

 Supermarket distribution means that manufacturers have to respect strict industry norms, especially when selling food or CPG products. Your sector is confronted with market concentration, fast-moving digital transformation, cross-channel challenges, strict traceability, and social media impact. You are looking for a set of tools to best respond to the digital revolution, all while delivering premium CPG & food products to satisfy your customers fast changing expectations.  

How are you staying competitive as a retailer?

Suppliers to super markets, DIY stores, and specialized retail are constantly seeking to control costs and improve forecast reliability. Your market is highly competitive, and your buyers expect better service rates, prices, back-end rebates, and more. One of your biggest challenges is knowing what to sell, when to sell it, and to which sales channel.

What digital tools are you capitalizing on to boost your logistics performance?

Smartphones and tablets are at the heart of digital transformation; their mobility allows your resources to manage stock in real time and communicate with other departments. Instantaneous logistics empowers your business to dispatch reliable delivery times while calculating when to sell products and what price. You are faced with the task of choosing which carriers will ship your products in the fastest time and most efficient route.

How do you respond quickly to new means of consumption and distribution?

It can be difficult for distributors to reach out to end consumers, who constantly expect their purchasing power to go further. These consumers are expecting higher levels of flexibility and innovation from distributors. What drives personalization of your brand are customized products, packaging, choosing the right distribution channels (store pick-up, super/hypermarkets, e-commerce sites and local stores).

Key figures of your sector

Fournisseurs - uk

$billion CPG turnover (US market)
$billion of grocery store sales (US)
$trillion - the size of retail & food service sales (US)