ERP ADAX Supply Chain

ADAX Supply Chain
The ERP dedicated to logistics

In order to respond to increasing industry needs like control traceability and  logistics/storage costs, a dedicated WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution should integrate and communicate seamlessly with your ERP. This allows you to deliver high performance logistics while cutting costs across the supply chain.



Visualize your logistic platform

in real time and continuously to track the status of orders and shipments. Ensure a complete view on your product traceability and release dates.


Personalize your WMS solution

with configurations to optimize operations, for storage and order preparation. Choosing the right solution that adapts to your company is key to growing your business, for example ADAX Supply Chain makes it easy to modify existing storage spaces or to create new ones.


Manage multiple sectors of activity

like food, production, pharmaceutics/cosmetics, and more. The solution is designed to fit across industries, so you can be flexible with partner companies (3PL) all while integrating the entirety of your business activities.

A rich and tailored industry repository

  • Multi-company, multi-site structure (companies, warehouses, locations)
  • 40 languages and 36 legislations
  • Seamless integration with supply, production and distribution
  • Manage third party carriers, customers and suppliers
  • Manage a multitude of palletizing and packing plan by product
  • Catalog of products and services with multi-level categories
  • Full-web solution
  • Manage alerts and workflow on warehouse operations
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Manager your supply chain in real time

Validation fonctionnalites ERP

Advanced features

ADAX Supply Chain is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) technology and delivers key functionalities essential to your business.

Dashboard fonctionnalites ERP


Sites & locations
  • Multi-site management
  • Area/zone mapping
  • Inbound/outbound dock management
  • Management of line aisles or odd/even aisles
  • Picking/bulk/floor location types
  • Storage capability management by container types
  • Mono/multi/dedicated owner, item
  • Mono/multi batch, date, origin, configuration, allocation, container
  • Rotation classes
  • Storage classes
  • Forbidden classes
  • Container equivalence rules
  • Container stacking
  • Multi-owner management
  • Item category management
  • Multi level palletization plan management
  • Logistics data management
  • Date management (Production date, inbound date, holding date, sell-by date, best before date, expiration date)
  • Batch number and serial number traceability
  • Origin and configuration management
  • Barcode and external code management
  • Dedicated item container on picking location
  • Carrier information management
  • Customer and vendor information management
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Reception & putaway

Receipt management
  • Manage expected receptions by interface or manual entry
  • Manage reception docks with capacity indicators
  • Forecast expected receptions
  • Monitor progress on arrivals
  • Partial receipt management
  • Non-expected item receipt management
  • Manage item refusals
  • Block non-conforming objects or allocate receptions
  • Container / item labelling
Putaway management
  • Configure item putaway strategies
  • Automate addresses according to putaway strategies
  • Simulate putaway in a certain area/location & manually modify putaway address
  • Manage storage zones and sequences
  • Cross dock according to manual configurations or external contractor
  • Dispatch workload in accordance with storage constraints
  • Validate stock with radio frequency terminals
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Picking & shipping

Pincking management
  • Order integration by interface or manual entry
  • Forecast picking orders
  • Manage urgent orders and customer priority orders
  • Manage customer requirements (packaging, batch, date, allocation…)
  • Manage customer contract dates and date sequence compliances
  • Manage remaining picking orders
  • Attach picking orders to shipment (automatic)
  • Launch picking wave grouping by order/customer/transport round
  • Dispatch workload in accordance with storage localization
  • Label picking
  • Ship containers in actual condition
  • Automate refills on picking location
  • Monitor progress on picking waves
  • Validate picking with radio frequency terminals
Packing and shipping management
  • Declare packing content
  • Generate carrier labels
  • Generate transport documents
  • Swap packages amongst carriers
  • Manage shipment docks with capacity indicators
  • Manage stock reintegration
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Miscellaneous functions & integration tools

Internal activities
  • Manual refills on picking location
  • Transfer stock objects
  • Item and location inventories
  • Adjust stock objects
  • Allocate stock objects for orders
  • Block stock objects
  • Block inbound / outbound locations
  • Block reception/picking items
  • Consult stock items
  • Consult stock locations
  • Consult stock movement history
  • Consult multiple criteria
  • RF terminal compatibility with all VT software
  • Interface items and palletization plans
  • Interface expected receptions and orders to be picked
  • Interface stock initialization
  • Interface validated receptions and shipments
  • Interface stock on hand
  • Interface stock adjustments