ADAX Suite



Cooperative agricole-agriculteur-adherant


The ERP dedicated to agricultural cooperatives

ADAX COOP is the industry ERP for agricultural cooperatives; the solution is tailored specifically around members who are at the heart of your digital transformation.With an agile interface and user friendly look & feel, ADAX COOP adapts to each part of your farming activity, optimizing your processes from harvest to distribution. Whether you are a local player or international supplier, the vertical solution scales to your business to enable you to offer innovative services to your members.


ERP dedie a lindustrie pharmaceutique et cosmetique

ADAX Life Sciences

The ERP dedicated to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

The ADAX Life Sciences solution satisfies your fundamental traceability needs. Innovation is at the heart of your growth strategy. Meanwhile, you still must uphold regulatory requirements that heavily impact your business processes.Discover how ADAX Life Sciences accompanies your pharmaceutical validation methods


ERP dedie aux fournisseurs de la grande distribution et de lagroalimentaire


The ERP dedicated to consumer packaged goods and food industries

The ADAX CPG & FOOD revolves around new industry norms to help you adapt to distribution trends and evolutions. In an increasingly digital world, ADAX CPG & FOOD keeps you competitive. Discover all the functionalities of this solution


ERP dedie a la distribution specialisee

ADAX Retail & Distribution

The ERP dedicated to specialized distribution

ADAX Retail & Distribution is a vertical ERP solution that combines all the elements of multichannel distribution in a unique software. It caters to BtoB and BtoC industries and their main players: distributors, retailers, manufacturers, distance sellers, pure players, wholesalers and specialized distributors. With digital challenges like the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things- what tools are enabling you to improve your operations while multiplying sales channels?


Le WMS dedie a votre secteur

ADAX Supply Chain

The WMS dedicated to logistics

ADAX Supply Chain is cross-sector and transverse, supporting agricultural cooperatives, supermarket suppliers, specialized distribution and the pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries. Stellar logistics performance is at the heart of ADAX Supply Chain, from order to supply. ADAX Supply Chain harmonizes business processes with seamless logistics.


TVHConsulting- certification


“A vertical solution that conforms to the highest standards of Microsoft.”

The ADAX solution is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) since 2010. This certification allows Microsoft to guarantee that the ERP vertical developed by TVH Consulting respects Microsoft technical norms.  Our capacity to accompany our clients using the ADAX Suite is regularly validated via client surveys administered by Microsoft.

By TVH Consulting

LAB-focus metier



Choosing an ERP that addresses your specific industry challenges can be daunting. TVH Consulting is bringing together a think tank of major industry players to share, learn, and develop real industry solutions together.

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70% of ADAX Suite projects are deployed internationally

TVH Consulting is an international integrator, and leads the Core Model approach with our implementation methodology, Leading’IT. Each Core Model is deployed globally taking into consideration local legal and financial reports. This approach ensures coherence with group standards while taking into account local specificities.

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ADAX Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

ADAX Suite is developed by TVH Consulting and is built on Microsoft Dynamics technology. Our R&D team consists of 25 innovators who are dedicated to innovating and evolving ADAX Suite. The vertical solution is available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, streamlining the power of Dynamics 365 for Operations like intelligence with Cortana, Power BI, Azure and Power Apps. Access your data easily via tablet or browser, Azure empowers your company with a scalable and secured cloud computing system. 

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