ERP ADAX Retail and Distribution

ADAX Retail & Distribution
The ERP dedicated to specilized distribution

ADAX Retail & Distribution is a vertical ERP solution that combines all the elements of multichannel distribution in a unique software. It caters to BtoB and BtoC industries and their main players: distributors, retailers, manufacturers, distance sellers, pure players, wholesalers and specialized distributors. With digital challenges like the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things- what tools are enabling you to improve your operations while multiplying sales channels? ADAX Retail & Distribution gives you a 360° view of your operations instantly in real time.

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Stay competitive through customer insight

and tailor your products and services so they are personalized for your customers. Use CRM, Big Data, and machine learning tools to improve customer loyalty.


Accelerate your sales

by up-selling & cross-selling more products. This sales assistance tool in the call center increases your customers' overall cart average across both physical and digital channels.


Revolutionize your sector

with a flexible ERP at the heart of your digital transformation. Launch new products, manage e-commerce and new sales channels while growing internationally.


Manage your entire supply chain

at all levels to guarantee a high level of service required by your customers: forecasting, previsioning, production, warehouse and transport.

Rich and tailored industry repository

  • Multi-company, multi-site structures (companies, sites, warehouses, stores, points of sale, registers)
  • Store employees (clearances and security)
  • Multilingual (40 languages) and multi-legislation (36 legislations)
  • Inter-company flows
  • Products and services catalogue by classification
  • Show assortments by type of retail store
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Make digital transformation the center of your multichannel strategy

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Advanced features

ADAX Retail & Distribution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX) technology and delivers key functionalities essential to your business

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Supply chain and transport

Deliver effective and efficient logistics

  • Complete WMS module
  • Internal warehouse or service provider structure (3PL)
  • Multi-level Containers
  • Container labels (Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC), Ean128)
  • Logistics missions via Radio Frequency terminals
  • Receipt & put-away missions
  • Storage rules and classes (dry, fresh, frozen, etc.)
  • Storage constraints (First-In First-Out, First-Expired First-Out, single-batch location, etc.)
  • Preparation, loading and shipping
  • Shortage management, arbitration
  • Contracts and transport services
  • Transport routes (grouping, splitting)
  • Carrier invoice matching
  • Carrier proforma invoicing
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Replenishment and management

Control production costs across the entire value chain

Planning and replenishment
  • Sales forceasts
  • Long, medium, short term planning
  • Intercompany flows
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Call for tenders and supplier contracts
  • Rebates and promotional participation agreements
  • Monitor full purchase costs
  • Manufacturing, assembly
Management control
  • Configurable components to calculate production cost price
  • Variance analyses (budget, production, standard, etc.)
  • Configurable engine to simulate and calculate sales price
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Back-office distribution

From headquarters: all data gathered in a unique tool to analyse ROI & predictive sales

  • Publish repositories, settings, and transactions from the headquarters to sales channels
  • Products and services catalog that is centralized or by channel
  • Category management: ranges and assortments by store type
  • Multi-packing units, barcodes, product and shelves labels
  • Hierarchies and client groups (multi-levels) to date
  • Configurable pricing engine by sales channel
  • Sales offers like campaigns, promotions, mix & match, freebies
  • Sales packs and kits
  • Additional sales (up, cross and down-selling)
  • Cascading or cumulative rebates, net prices, consumer prices
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Replenishment orders for central site and stores
  • Customer cases, claims, returns
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Front-office distribution

In retail stores: don't forget to get more information your final customer to address personnalized emails.

  • Modes of payment via coupons, gift cards
  • Loyalty points
  • Store employees authorizations
  • Sales terminals with online/offline tablet & mobile capability
  • Logistics operations in points of sales
  • Retail counters
  • Register statements and closing
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Integration tools

  • Electronic Data Interchange interface
  • EDI messages (EDIFACT) for products, customers, suppliers, and carriers,
  • Staging integration of incoming messages (orders, etc.)
  • Quarantine and error message management
  • Intranet and extranet portal
  • Workflow engine and audit trails
  • Tools for business and financial reporting



Discover our clients and their success stories

As the number one supplier to e-retailers, the Raja Group sells its products in 14 European countries through 17 companies. It has developed a multi-channel distribution strategy and operates on four additional sales channels : catalogs, internet, telephone and local sales force.

Gonzague Mulliez created the textile retailer, Saint Maclou in 1963 at Wattrelos. The group operates in France and Germany under the brand Home Market. They are specialized in floor coatings (parquet, carpet, tiling) and home decoration.