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ERP ADAX Life Sciences

ADAX Life Sciences
The ERP dedicated to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

ADAX Life Sciences is the ERP vertical solution that concentrates on your main industry challenges: innovation and traceability. Today, regulatory requirements and new bio technologies require information systems to pass in-depth validations and certifications. ADAX Life Sciences empowers your business by giving you the tools necessary to respond to these standards and processes required by your industry.


Control your production costs

across the entire value chain (replenish raw materials, track costs like overhead, R&D, production, marketing, and more).

power bi-reporting financier-progiciel gestion

Manage your entire supply chain

at all levels: forecasting, replenishment, production, warehouse and transport in order to deliver premium service levels to your customers.

tracabilite-complete-11BPF_CFR part11

Ensure utmost traceability

on product components, and other factors along the supply chain processes. Ensure strict compliance with current standards of the pharmaceutical industry (21 CFR part 11 of the Food and Drug Administration, and more.)

croissance-vente-internationale-solution ERP

Grow your international sales

all while complying with local country norms.

A rich and tailored repositories

  • Multilingual (40 languages) and multi-legislation (36 legislations)
  • Inter-company flows
  • Document management system (certificates, analysis bulletins, labels, batch records, etc.)
  • Quality engine for the entire supply chain
  • Catalog of products and services with classifications and category rules: raw materials, bulk, packaging, semi-finished products
  • Business partners (customers, purchasing pools, agents, sales representatives, suppliers and manufacturer)
  • Unique identification codes
  • Market authorizations
  • Collaborative portal for partners and field teams
  • Monitor and approve technical data via workflow
  • Electronic signature and certificate
  • Data access security (authorizations, validation workflow, audit trails)

Quality & traceability: ensure guarantee with your information system

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Advanced features

Built on modern and powerful ERP technology, ADAX Life Sciences integrates pharcamaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, & biotechnology features into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.


Quality and traceability

ensure monitored reporting of your sensitive data

Quality processus
  • Upstream / downstream traceability
  • Quality control on manufacturing and logistic processes (delivery, manufacturing, shipping, internal movements, etc.)
  • Management of sampling plans for raw materials, packaging items, and finished products according to defined rules
  • Management of specifications, test sheets
  • Results management, limitations and trend analysis
  • Define control record
  • Analysis reports and certificates of conformity in different languages
  • Stability management (storage conditions, analysis time and result records)
  • Manage sample libraries and re-analysis requests
  • Identify materials and equipment that performed the analyses
  • Traceability of reagents used
  • Streamlined management of the reagent stocks needed for controls (containers, expiration and expiration after opening).
  • Periodical or on-demand analysis testing
  • Authorize and define technical skills to operate machinery and specific analyses
  • Performance management, indicators and reporting
Management Control
  • Configurable components to calculate production cost price
  • Cost variance analysis (budget, production, standard)
Dashboard fonctionnalites ERP

Replenishment and production

Control the entire production process from beginning to end

Planning & Replenishment
  • Sales forceasts
  • Long, medium, short term planning
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Call for tenders and supplier contracts
  • Rebates and promotional participation agreements
  • Monitor full purchase costs
  • Validation workflow
  • Bill of materials and formulas with versions
  • Compensation, concentration, potency
  • Co-products / by-products
  • Manufacturing lines
  • Batch records (measurable characteristics by batch, quality status)
  • Batch dates (manufacture, expiration, etc.)
  • Master Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Production orders (bulk and packing)
  • Launch production batches
  • Production tracking
  • Shop floor module
  • Subcontracting
  • Cost analysis (raw materials, labor, overhead, subcontracting, etc.)
ADAX Supply Chain-logistique-transport

Pharmaceutical logistics

Consult in real time your batch shipments

Warehouse Management System
  • Complete WMS module
  • Internal warehouse or service provider structure (3PL)
  • Multi-level Containers
  • Container labels (Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC), Ean128)
  • Logistics missions via Radio Frequency terminals
  • Receipt & put-away missions
  • Storage rules and classes (dry, fresh, frozen, etc.)
  • Storage constraints (First-In First-Out, First-Expired First-Out, single-batch location, etc.)
  • Preparation, loading and shipping
  • Shortage management, arbitration
  • Contracts and transport services
  • Transport routes (grouping, splitting)
  • Carrier invoice matching
suivi achats-distribution-approvisionnement-erp

Distribution channels

Define your correct pricing strategy for your various sales channels

Distribution & marketing
  • Client typologies (public/private, wholesalers / distributors, pharmacies, liberal professions, etc.)
  • Public and private call to tender (groupings, public organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc.)
  • Market authorizations by country, region, type of customer, etc.
  • Customer and products Instructions
  • Hierarchies / client groups (multi-levels) to date
  • Manage client memberships to several groups
  • Pricing engine to configure conditions (graphic pricing on order)
  • Packs, kits and free items
  • Cascading or cumulative discounts, net prices
  • Referencing / assortments per customer hierarchy and site
  • Campaigns and promotions
  • Rebate agreements
  • Customer requirements (batches, dates, packaging, instructions, etc.)
  • Export: brokers, credit letters, proforma invoices, commercial documents in the client's language
  • EDI integration of orders
  • Allocation rules and reservation in stock
  • Customer cases, claims, returns
ADAX-Solution ERP- logiciel- Multi-devices

Integration tools

  • Electronic Data Interchange interface
  • EDI messages (EDIFACT) for products, customers, suppliers, and carriers,
  • Staging integration of incoming messages (orders, etc.)
  • Quarantine and error message management
  • Intranet and extranet portal
  • Workflow engine and audit trails
  • Tools for business and financial reporting


Hear it from our references

“We made the strategic decision to choose ADAX Life Sciences, the vertical solution built by TVH Consulting on the Microsoft technology stack. Our choice criteria were multifold; other than its robust standard functionalities, TVH Consulting tailored specific features to respond to our industry challenges. More specifically, ADAX optimized our quality process and greatly improved our internal processes like responding to hospital RFP’s. Our objective is to continue to increase our customer service levels.” Olivier Carré, Information System Manager of Aguettant.

Mayoly Spindler is an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory. Their business encompasses a number of therapeutic domains: gastroenterology, rheumatology, ENT, general medicine/practice, public health and dermo-cosmetics.

With more than 80 years of experience, Septodont develops and manufactures a vast range of high-quality products for dentistry professionals.

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