Fournisseurs grande distribution (CPG)-Agroalimentaire

The ERP dedicated to consumer packaged goods and food industries

ADAX CPG & FOOD responds to industry challenges to help your business ensure regulatory norms and changes. In an increasingly digital world, ADAX CPG & FOOD keeps you competitive.

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Control your production costs

across the entire value chain (replenish raw materials, reduce costs like overhead, R&D, production, marketing, and more).


Streamline your pricing strategy

with pertinent marketing and sales to ensure profits and minimize costs. Anticipate and react to industry changes like increasing consolidation of central purchasing groups.


Manage your entire supply chain

at all levels: forecasts, replenishment, production, warehouse and transport in order to deliver premium service levels to your customers.


Ensure regulatory compliance and traceability

imposed in retail distribution like GS1 standards, EDI, sellable days, use-by dates, customer claims, and more.

A rich and tailored repository

  • Multi-company, multi-site structure (companies, warehouses, locations)
  • 40 languages and 36 legislations
  • Clients and suppliers with multiple roles (360° view, compensation, GS1 norms)
  • Product and services catalogue with multi-level classifications
  • Intercompany flows
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Put consumers at the heart of your distribution strategy

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Advanced features

ADAX CPG & FOOD is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations technology and delivers key functionalities essential to your business
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From procurement/production

Streamline and simplify your production processes

Planning and replenishment
  • Sales forecasts
  • Short, medium, and long term planning
  • Intercompany flows
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Supplier contracts
  • Rebates and trade allowance agreements
  • Monitor purchasing costs (landed costs)
  • Bill of materials and formulas
  • Co-products, by products, concentrations
  • Manufacturing brands
  • Batch attributes (characteristics measured by batch, quality status)
  • Batch dates (manufacturing, expiration, use by, best before)
  • Master & operations scheduling
  • Production orders in bulk and packages
  • Launch production batches
  • Manufacturing monitoring
  • Shop floor dashboard with time sheet tracking
  • Subcontracting
  • Cost analysis
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Quality & traceability

Along the entire supply chain from food production to supermarket distribution

Quality & traceability
  • Upstream / downstream traceability
  • Sampling
  • Customer requirements (batch attributes, sellable days, control expiration dates in batch sequence)
  • Specification tests
  • Quality control plans
  • Batch release
  • Non-conformity sheets and corrective actions
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Labels
Management accounting
  • Configurable components to calculate complete cost price
  • Variance analyses (budget, production, standard, etc.)
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Warehouse & transport management

Ensuring customer service with an efficient supply-chain organization

Warehouse and transport
  • Complete WMS module
  • Internal warehouse or service provider structure (3PL)
  • Multi-level Containers
  • Container labels (Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC), Ean128)
  • Logistics missions via RF terminals
  • Reception / storage flow
  • Storage rules and classes (dry, fresh, frozen, etc.)
  • Storage constraints (First-In First-Out, First Expired First Out, single-batch location, etc.)
  • Preparation, loading and shipping
  • Shortage management, arbitration
  • Contracts and transport services
  • Transport routes (grouping, splitting)
  • Carrier invoice matching
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Distribution to supermarkets, DIY stores, and specialized retail

Optimize your sales, marketing and pricing policies

  • GS1 norms: Global Location Number (GLN), partner channels (ordered by, delivered to, invoiced to, paid by, statement)
  • Product barcodes by packing unit
  • Customer and product instructions
  • Hierarchies / client groups (multi-levels) to date
  • Configurable pricing engine (graphic pricing on order)
  • Packs, kits and free items
  • Cascading or cumulative discounts, net prices, consumer prices
  • Promotions
  • Referencing / assortments per customer, per purchasing group (hierarchy)
  • Agreements: Rebates, promotional participations
  • Telesales using customer assortments and sales support tools (catalogue, favorite products, cross and up-selling)
  • Customer requirements: sellable days, control expiration dates in batch sequence
  • Invoice engine
  • Customer cases, claims, returns
  • Credit limit control
  • Aging balance reports
  • Invoice statements
  • Customer & supplier Compensation
  • Bank reconciliation
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Integration tools

  • Electronic Data Interchange interface
  • EDI messages (EDIFACT) for products, customers, suppliers, and carriers,
  • Staging integration of incoming messages (orders, etc.)
  • Quarantine and error message management
  • Intranet and extranet portal
  • Workflow engine and audit trails
  • Tools for business and financial reporting

Hear it from our references

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