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The ERP dedicated to agricultural cooperatives

ADAX COOP is the industry ERP for agricultural cooperatives (grain, seeds, plant protection, fertilizers, equipments, services…) ; the solution is tailored specifically around members who are at the heart of your digital transformation. With an agile interface and user friendly look & feel, ADAX COOP adapts to each part of your farming activity, optimizing your processes from harvest to distribution. Whether you are a local player or international supplier, the vertical solution scales to your business to enable you to offer innovative services to your members.

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Guarantee a 360° view of your farmer members

Whether they are suppliers or clients- put members at the heart of your Information System strategy.


Add value to diverse business activities

of your cooperatives at every single point of the value chain; from upstream (grain collection) to downstream (food channels) processes all while diversifying your different distribution channels.


Comply with regulatory requirements

in the face of new environmental regulation and compliance measures (plant protection products, certifications, water pollution tax statement, etc.).

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Empower cooperative growth

with a solution that is tailored to your business and adapts to market trends like consolidation and reorganization.

Industry based repository

  • Multi-company, multi-site structures (companies, subsidiaries, warehouses, locations)
  • Multi-lingual (40 languages) and multi-legislation (36 legislations)
  • Intercompany trade
  • Multi-role member records with client and supplier information (360° view on compensation, netting and financial statements)
  • Automate member data and configuration by activity (Grain, vegetables, farming, livestock, breeding, etc.)
  • Products and services catalogues with classifications by category
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Expand your footprint by expanding offers to your farmer members

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Advanced features

Built on modern and powerful ERP technology, ADAX COOP integrates cooperative industry functionalities into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX). The entire food value chain is incorporated from upstream cooperative needs to downstream food industries.

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Farmer Member Accounting

putting your members at the heart of your cooperative strategy

  • Farmer member data (co-op members, non-cooperative members, third party partners, young farmer members)
  • Multi-role member roles as client and supplier
  • Accounting campaigns and fiscal statements
  • Shareholding structure
  • Configurations per activity (grains, seeds, vegetables, breeding ...)
  • Share types
  • Taxes and contributions
  • Analytical dimensions
  • Configurable business drivers to subscribe to capital (per tons, per utilized agricultural land, per turnover, per head…)
Capital management
  • Capital investment and subscription
  • Adjust and update capital
  • Reimburse and close member accounts
  • Transfer shares
Capital remuneration
  • Calculate and monitor interest on shares
Manage current accounts on cooperative activities
  • Various interest rate types
  • Calculate and invoice current account interests
  • Generate member account statements with interest scales
  • Accounts closing
  • Electronic transfers to member accounts
Compensation & Netting
  • Netting of farmer crop production sold to co-op vs. farmer purchases sold by co-op
  • Configurable compensation rules
  • Priority orders
  • Automate mass compensation
  • Pay member farmers
  • Short-term bank loans
Farmer member management
  • Multi company management, with multi-roles per member (client and supplier info) or per role
  • Manage members by activity (grains, seeds, vegetables, breeding ...)
  • Dashboards to monitor member transactions (multirole)
  • Details of operations: subscription, transfers, closing, etc.
  • Calculate fees for members without current co-op account
  • Member general ledger
  • Credit limits
  • Interest slips on savings/deposit accounts
  • Interests & fees slips
  • Dividends receipts
  • Reminder & collection
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Agricultural Production

from gathering harvest to commercial distribution

  • Farmer member data (social contributions, taxes)
  • Data and configuration per harvest
  • Plot / field data
  • Product repository (species, varieties) and product classification
  • Silos, cell plan, bins
  • Grades and quality characteristics configured by category, product, harvest (humidity, dockage, protein, test weight, foreign material, etc.)
  • Grain premiums and discount schedules
  • Contributions and taxes
  • Regulatory government declarations
  • Configurable business drivers to update cooperative member accounting
Grain marketing contrats
  • Multitude of grain marketing contracts and terms
  • Contract templates
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Monitor contracts
  • Grain premium and discount schedule
  • Grain receipts in silos
  • Weight-bridge scale interface
  • Samples
  • Quality analysis
  • User friendly dashboard to process grain receipts
  • Calculate self-billing (bonuses, reductions, premiums, taxes and contributions)
  • Price supplements
  • End of campaign rebates
  • Real-time integration with supplier and member accounts
Inventory and logistics
  • Silos, grain elevators, cells, transport data (trucks, trailers, drivers, carriers)
  • Storage rules by product and category
  • Identify ownership by type of inventory (co-op owned, farmer owned, 3rd party owned, work order)
  • Quality control and traceability of operations and movements (pesticide and insecticide traceability)
  • Movements and transfers (inter-bin, inter-silos)
  • Calculate average values of characteristics
  • Lifecycle of a cell
  • Mutations
  • Mixtures and assembly orders
  • Display inventory in multiple dimensions (types of inventory, ownership, silos, cells, companies)
  • Gross quantity and standard grade stock
  • Distribution partnerships between groups of co-op
  • Customer data
  • Destination
  • Sustainability (origin, certification, etc.)
  • Brokers and commission contracts
  • Master agreements
  • Pricing and sales contracts
  • Execution periods
  • Execution orders
  • Temporary and definitive invoicing
  • Real time integration with customer and member accounting
  • Interface with stock market applications
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Supply & Agri-distribution

Sourcing the appropriate input offer to supply the member according to his production needs

  • Customer, supplier, manufacturer data
  • Catalogue of goods and services w/classification hierarchy (fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, animal feed, supplies & equipment, services ...)
  • Member Authorization ID to certify crop protection & permissions for sale
  • Hazardous substances data
  • Document management (security data sheets, certificates, etc.)
  • Fertilizer units (fertilizer)
  • Water pollution tax (market authorizations, packs, seeds)
  • Technical sales employees
Replenishment and purchasing
  • Supplier & manufacturer referencing
  • Supplier EDI (products, orders, shipping notices, receipt, invoices, etc.)
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Supplier contracts
  • Supplier orders
  • Supplier returns
  • Invoice matching
  • End of campaign rebates
  • Real-time integration with supplier and member accounting
Inventory and logistics
  • Silo replenishment requests
  • Replenishment rules between headquarters and silos
  • Replenishment modes: delivery to HQ, silo, or directly to farm
  • Inter-company flows
  • Warehouse and silos management: location, bins, batch, quality status
  • Dedicated retail cockpit for silo operators
  • Retail counter sales
  • Transportation routes with hazardous goods regulation
  • Inventory movements (receipt, arrivals, issues, adjustments, internal transfers, transfers between silos ...)
  • Manual and cycle counting
  • Packing & kitting
  • Bulk and miscellaneous mixing/manufacturing operations
  • Analysis on hazardous materials by section (classified facilities for environment protection, color codes, etc.)
  • Stock inquiry with multiple dimensions (company, silo, location, batch, quality status)
  • Batch traceability and quality analysis
  • Barcode and Radio Frequency terminal for logistics operations
  • Stock analysis: available for sale, stock movements, upstream / downstream traceability
  • Dedicated retail cockpit for silo operators
  • Retail counter sales
  • Payment methods: cash, on-account, payment schedule
  • Sales contracts
  • Certificates control to purchase and manipulate plant protection and other hazardous products
  • Young Farmer conditions: postpone payment due dates, specific discounts or rebates contracts
  • Configurable pricing engine
  • Sales campaigns and promotions
  • Configurable pricing: Average prices / fixed prices / net prices / free items
  • Cascading discounts
  • Quotations
  • Orders (delivery, pick-up)
  • Trigger purchase order from a sales order with direct delivery or stock transit
  • Sales quotas
  • Reservation
  • Preparation & shipping dashboard
  • Delivery
  • Returns and subsequent actions (credit notes, scrap, exchange)
  • Automatic or manual invoicing
  • End of campaign rebates
  • Real-time integration with customer and member accounting
Regulatory compliance
  • Calculate and declare water pollution diffusion tax
  • Certificates for plant protection and hazardous products
  • Miscellaneous charge and tax calculations
  • Transportation routes with hazardous goods regulation
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Mass Retail Distribution

Distribution Channels
  • Sites, silos, stores
  • Field sales with mobile application
  • Website integration
  • Web portal
  • Contact center
Inventory and logistics
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Complete logistics flow with radio frequency terminals
  • Transport
  • Inter-store transfer orders
  • Counting
  • Receipt
  • Order preparation
  • Shipping
  • Online and offline store connections
  • Products and services catalog
  • Pricing engine
  • Marketing campaigns, promotions
  • Loyalty programs, coupons, gift cards
  • Quotation and orders
  • Preparation, delivery and return
  • Retail counter & terminal management
  • Multi-payment methods (cash, credit card, on account, prepayment, checks)
  • Sales forecasts
  • Assortments and replenishment
  • Store inventory
  • Point of sale purchasing and replenishment
  • Multi-invoicing methods
  • Register receipts
  • Customer cases (claims, returns, advisory services, etc.)
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Integration tools

  • Configurable interface engine for partner communication (headquarter, purchasing pools, members, suppliers, etc.)
  • Supplier Electronic Data Interchange
  • Workflow and audit trail
  • Intranet/extranet portal for members and field teams
  • BI reporting tool
  • Mobile solution (smartphone, tablet)
  • Point of sale terminals for retail stores and silo operations

Hear it from our references

"What made the difference for us was the durability and adaptability of Microsoft Dynamics AX, its vast functional coverage, and its users friendliness. All this was coupled with the ADAX vertical designed for cooperative requirements. It was obvious to us that TVH Consulting was the right choice. Because of their experience in the food industry, their partnership approach, and the shared values with the Acolyance group." Olivier Bacon, Operations Director of Acolyance

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